General Academic Information

Academic Requirements

Each of our degree programs are designed with requirements that meet national and state standards, allow for our graduates to be competitive with an industry-expected knowledge base, and adhere to our foundational institutional identity as a Christian university affiliated with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

We incorporate state-recommended General Education requirements which include a mix of required courses and a selection of elective courses from which students in most degree programs can choose.

All undergraduate students graduating from k8 must have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) in order to graduate. Additionally, students must have a 2.5 (CGPA) in the major core courses upon graduation.

Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 CGPA throughout the master's program. 

For more information about our academic requirements and requirements for specific degree programs, please visit our academic catalog.

Academic Expectations

k8 students are expected to be engaged in learning through regular class attendance and responsible communication with instructors related to absences; faithful adherence to class policies and guidelines; and diligent effort in the completion of assigned coursework. We expect students who struggle with these expectations to seek assistance from any of our dedicated faculty and staff members. We also provide the Center for Academic and Professional Success (CAPS) for assistance to students who need tutoring or more focused help for success in their coursework, specifically in math and writing.