High School Timeline

Be prepared as a high school student for a future college education. 



  • Schedule an appointment with your school counselor to discuss career goals.
  • Earn the best grades you can.
  • 取 most challenging (but appropriate) courses you can.

Sophomore Year

  • Stay in touch with your school counselor.
  • If your school offers it, take the P坐 or PLAN in the fall.
  • Earn the best grades you can.
  • Continue to take the most challenging courses you can.
  • Talk with you counselor, and schedule testing for the 行为 和/或 .
  • Prepare for the 行为/坐 by visiting TestPrepPractice.
  • Begin gathering information about financing college, and speak with your parents about your options.
  • If you are an Oklahoma resident, find out if you qualify for Oklahoma Promise (aka OHLAP) and sign up with your guidance counselor.

Junior Year Fall Semester

  • Junior year grades are important; stay focused!
  • Gather all the information you can about colleges.  
  • Continue to remain involved in activities; try to move into positions of responsibility or leadership.
  • Prepare for the 行为/坐 by visiting TestPrepPractice.
  • 取 行为 和/或 .
  • Develop an initial list of colleges in which you show the most interest.

Junior Year Spring Semester

  • Schedule a meeting with your school counselor to begin the college process.
  • Make some preliminary visits to colleges during fall and spring Preview Weekends.
  • Attend as many college fairs 尽可能.
  • Research colleges, collect and organize information.
  • Contact admissions offices of colleges you are interested in, ask questions and get to know the admissions counselor.

Senior Year Fall Semester

  • Don't forget how important your grades continue to be: the first semester/ trimester is critical. 
  • Get recommendations from teachers, counselors and other influential people in your life.
  • 夺回 行为 和/或  as many times 尽可能 and prepare at TestPrepPractice.
  • Be certain of all deadlines for application, scholarships, financial aid, housing, etc.
  • Send applications to the top three schools on your list.
  • Have your High School send transcripts to the colleges for which you applied.
  • Remain involved in activities which you enjoy, assume leadership positions and more responsibility.

Senior Year Spring Semester

  • Early January, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and send to your top three schools.
  • Get involved with college life by attending as many events 尽可能.
  • Wait for acceptance letter.
  • Wait for financial aid award letter.
  • Complete any financial aid-related forms. Sign and return the award letter by the requested deadlines.
  • Call your Financial Aid Counselor to verify and answer questions.
  • If accepted, complete housing applications and return dorm fees by requested deadlines. 

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*Southwestern Christian University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, 性, qualified handicap or disability in any of its policies, practices or procedures. This includes but is not limited to admission, financial aid and educational services.